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Sweet Signatures (Sweet Sigs) is Elon University’s oldest all-female a cappella group. The ensemble was founded in 2001 by fifteen women bound by their passion for singing. Today, the Sigs have grown and evolved into an established, successful ensemble with a strong musical presence both on and off campus.


Sweet Sigs regularly entertain their campus community, compete in national competitions, host a cappella festivals with other university groups, take part in philanthropy events, sing for hired gigs, and record albums.


In the spring of 2019, Sweet Signatures released their most recent and eighth studio album, "Endless" which features five studio recorded tracks and four live tracks. They released their single "You Are The Reason" which is featured on the album in the fall of 2018. In the spring of 2017, they released "The Ri-Mix," and produced an accompanying music video featured on College A Cappella. In 2016 and 2014, Sigs released two feature-length albums, "Home Sweet Home," and "Let Go," respectively. In 2012, their first ever Christmas album, "Unwrapped," was released. "Love Affair" (2010) and "Coming Into Focus" (2007) were nominated for many CARAs (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards) and received positive reviews from the a cappella review board. Both albums also had tracks selected for BOCA and SING, two national compilation CDs of the best annual a cappella recordings. 


The group has also been commended for their live performances. In addition to competing in the 2017 ICCA Competition, Sigs placed 3rd overall and won “Best Choreography” in the 2009 SoJam competition and 2008 ICCAs.


Beyond their music, Sweet Sigs is a close-knit group of friends. Their love for music brings together this eccletic group of women from all over the country. In the spring of 2016, the Sigs celebrated their 15th year with a special concert featuring alumni.

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"GIRL" By Maren Morris

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"Bust Your Windows" Music Video

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"The Ri-Mix" (Rihanna Mashup)

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"Trumpets" by Jason Derulo

Concert Performance

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Endless (2019) | Home Sweet Home (2016) | Let Go (2014) | Unwrapped (2012) | Love Affair (2010)
Coming Into Focus (2007) | Pitch Black (2005) | Time After Time (2003)


Caroline Moore '21 | PRESIDENT
Carly Recoon '21 | MUSIC DIRECTOR
Claire Thompson '21 | VICE PRESIDENT
Justine Hurst '23 | TREASURER
Marley Vidmar '22 | BUSINESS MANAGER (fall)
Isabelle Hall '22 | BUSINESS MANAGER (spring)
Catherine Dickey '21
Ali Scheinfeld '22
Lily Niehaus '22
Shea Prulhiere '23
Elena Duncan '23
Sarah Gombos '23
Perrin Trask '24
Morgan Hicks '24
Cat Valente '24
Roxy Geballe '24
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2020: Kirsten Chase, Stephanie Luchene, Taylor Trotta, Sarah Barron, Maggie Brown

2019: Alexis Petnuch, Jess Pusch

2018: Rosemary Joaquin 

2017: Hailey Harn, Holly Brueggman, Brooke Greenberg, Nicole Mahoney

2016: Brianna Marino, Jacqueline Gravely, Olivia Robin, Emma Mankin, Maddy McDaniel

2015: Mackenzie Roberts, Alexandra Kipp

2014: Kelly Selong, Eliza Poor, Laura Morell, Lindsey Maxwell, Lauren Speranza

2013: Keagan Gros, Ashley Braun, Jennifer Roberts

2012: Amy McNabb, Ashton Wikstrom, Eileen Burkhardt, Georgina Oram, Kelly Sykes

2011: Anna Hunsucker, Corrine Holder, Ellen Boyle, Merrill Ward, Sarah Nierste

2010: Kate Austin, Kelly Drayton, Lindsey Perdue, Jamie O’Brien, Tessa Conte

2009: Lauren France, Lizzie Napier

2008: Kimberly Poe, Maddie Phillips, Lindsay Howerton, Michele Hammerbacher, Holly Hansen, Jillian Ahrens

2007: Sarah Arnn Parrish, Katie Hight, Cara Leidy Whelan

2006: Virginia Galvez, Sarah Putnam, Tara Dykes, Kristen Varvaris VonWachenfeldt, Kacie Kelly

2005: Alexandra Apostolo, Sara Hodges Ismart, Ellie Awdeh, Lauren Redmond, Ashley Hunter Kenner, Natalie Newman, Jennifer O’Brien, Brannon Dellinger Weisman, Grace McPhillips, Kendra Goehring-Garrett, Evyn Olshefski, Christine Piche, Diana Nolan, Andrea Palmer, Lindsay Northen Bradshaw


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Justine Hurst '23 | TREASURER